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SSMEDC Human Resources


As part of the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation Strategic Plan Update (2012-2015), the Corporation undertook a comprehensive human resource planning and evaluation process including:
  • organizational planning
  • job evaluations
  • revision and renew of position descriptions
  • performance agreements and evaluations
Background and General Information
  • In October 2012, SSMEDC issued a Request for Proposal for Professional Consulting Services to undertake a comprehensive study that:
a) Insured that the SSMEDC was in compliance with Pay Equity legislation; and
b)  Reviewed and assessed the SSMEDC organizational structure, and existing human resource complement, current and anticipated human resources requirements and complementary compensation study in order to make recommendations on human resources planning, development, changes and improvements as required. 
  • Information and perspectives were gathered from staff and management regarding any problems, barriers or issues that may impact SSMEDC's ability to fulfill its Mission, achieve the stated Vision and accomplish the defined Goals and Objectives identified in its Corporate Strategic Plan.
  • A Compensation Study was done as part of the HR Review.  Key objectives for the study included:
o Attract, retain and motivate a professional productive and diverse workforce
o Remain a competitive employer
o Maintain internal equity
o Provide a salary structure that meets current and future needs
  • A salary, benefits, pension and employment practices survey of comparator organizations was conducted.  Salary information from compensation sites and economic development associations was also obtained and analyzed. 
  • Salary ranges for all positions were established using evaluation point bands.  The SSMEDC has a systemic process for assessing the positions with the organization.  A comprehensive analysis of each position's tasks, responsibilities, knowledge and skill requirements is used to assess the value of each position.  This analysis contributes to effective job design and establishes the organizational context and value of the position, and hiring and promotion process.  Job evaluation provides a rational and consistent approach for determining g the pay of employees within an organization.  SSMEDC's job evaluation function is undertaken by a joint management and staff committee who apply the measurements of the job evaluation process as required.
  • A salary administration program was developed ensuring that proposed salary ranges and adjustments reflected the findings and implication of the pay equity process, to prevent any gender-based pay differentials. 
  • SSMEDC staff has a competitive health benefits plan.  SSSMEDC offers a defined contribution OR a defined benefit plan (OMERS) to employees.  The defined benefit pension plan is a top tier plan.
  • In order to measure and evaluate staff performance, SSMEDC developed an Employee Performance Accountability Agreement.  This aligns people's efforts to achieve organizational priorities and goals and encourage workplace behaviours supportive of organizational values.  The structure of the Employee Performance Accountability Agreement formulates performance expectations in objective terms and assesses results through open and participative discussions.
  • Employees who are successful in exceeding 'good' performance or higher MAY result in receiving additional financial or other compensation.  This is conditional upon available funds.
Relevant Legislation and Regulations

In its capacity as an employer, a not-for profit economic development organization and an organization that receives financial assistance from a number of public and private sources, the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation must comply with a number of laws and regulations relevant to human resource management including:
  • Human Rights Legislation
  • Employment Standards
  • Employment Equity Act
  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Public Salary Disclosure Act
The SSMEDC regularly evaluates its compliance with these laws and under takes the appropriate actions as required.