Starting & Growing Your Business


Small Business Incubator Project

The Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation (SSMEDC) is developing a Small Business Incubator project within the downtown corridor. The 5,000 square foot complex will encourage entrepreneurship through a resource network, supporting new business opportunities and encouraging the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises through the first three years of operation. 

The Small Business Incubator will offer collaborative co-working space, shared services and targeted programs designed to educate, support and enhance local entrepreneurs, and provide immediate feedback and support as they develop their business in real time. The facility will be a dynamic and interactive focal point for entrepreneurship in Sault Ste. Marie.

Particular groups that stand to benefit the most from a Small Business Incubator include:
  • Young Entrepreneurs;
  • Newcomer Entrepreneurs;
  • Entrepreneurs returning to the workforce post-retirement;
  • Women Entrepreneurs; and,
  • Entrepreneurs with Disabilities or receiving social support.
The Small Business Incubator has the potential to be a key piece of infrastructure for the community and the future success of this initiative will be determined by the results of this pilot project.