Our Unique Advantage




"When you're involved with a large infrastructure development project like the Port of Algoma, you need a solid champion to support your efforts and help you liaise with the many stakeholders involved. The SSMEDC team has been exceptional in their support, by opening doors, making  the right connections for us and have been instrumental in our progress with the project. We look forward to working more with them to continue to drive the project forward."
    - Anshumali Dwivedi, CEO, Port of Algoma

"The SSMEDC helped us access funding programs and new markets around the world."
    - Tony Porco, SIS Group

"The SSMEDC has been incredibly helpful. The Corporation's staff have assisted us with public consultation and information sessions, and they have helped connect us with people and organizations throughout the region. The SSMEDC has been very community-minded, and its support has been - and continues to be - greatly appreciated by myself and the entire BluEarth Renewables team."
    - Bryan Tripp, BluEarth, which is developing the Bow Lake Wind Farm with Batchewana First Nation

"The SSMEDC guided us to the various funding sources around. They were very helpful."
    - John Naccarato, Evolutiondeck Inc.

Small Business

"We thank the SSMEDC team for helping us reach the next level. Their assistance was invaluable in helping us reach out to so many retired players around the world."
    -Former NHLer Ken Belanger, Global Hockey Loop

"The SSMEDC went through our business plan and provided support. They were very helpful in providing resources and start-up information."
    - Gerry Lavoie, Precise Ecomatics

"The SSMEDC has been fantastic. When you have a small business, you tend to get tunnel vision. They helped me see the big picture."
    - Jennifer Dickson, Phoenix Fire Protection/General Mobile Radio

"Equine Facilitated Wellness/Learning is a relatively new, but rapidly growing, business. Even though this therapeutic concept is new to Sault Ste. Marie, the SSMEDC was very open-minded and supportive."
    - Deb Burt, Half-Pint Hooves Equine Facilitated Wellness/Learning

Young Entrepreneurs

"The SSMEDC has been key in developing a strategic plan for my business, and the Corporation's staff have provided support in all the stages of opening my business. It's great knowing that when I may have a question about any aspect of my company, the SSMEDC is there to help. The services that the Corporation has provided me will help me long into the future and help me achieve my business goals."
    - Paralegal Nathan Chevalier, owner of Knight Legal Solutions, a client of the SSMEDC-administered Starter 
      Company program

"As far as business experience goes, I had none. The SSMEDC guided me and really helped with my business plan."
    - Jeannette Orazietti, Jeannette's Custom Cakes

"Without the SSMEDC, we wouldn't have been able to do everything exactly how we wanted."
    - Kelly Burton, Café Natura 


"The Sault Ringette club has worked with Tourism Sault Ste. Marie and the Economic Development Corporation on two major events - first the 2008 World Club Ringette Championships and, more recently, the 2014 U12 Provincial Ringette Championships. They assisted us with our bid package and budget planning. Everything was put together very professionally, and we were successful in our bids and with applying for grant money to help host the events. With Tourism Sault Ste. Marie there to help, any organization can host a championship or event in our community."
    - Debbie-Jo Linklater, Chair of the 2014 U-12 Provincial Ringette Championships

"Having the support of the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation went a long way in making the case that our community deserves to host the event."
    - Mike Murphy, Co-Chair, 2013 Telus Cup

"We saw Sault Ste. Marie as the little city with a big heart. When we came here for the initial site visit, we were amazed with how welcomed we felt. The SSMEDC really went above and beyond."
    - Nicole Vanbergen, Canadian Adult Recreation Hockey Association (CARHA)

"The SSMEDC was a great help in the organization and implementation of the 2009 Canadian Major Football League Championships. They were a big component of the Sault Steelers winning the national title in front of a record home crowd."
    - Mike Prentice, Media Liaison, Sault Steelers