Invest, Locate & Expand


Major Employers & Local Industry

Once seen a strictly a steel town, Sault Ste. Marie has seen significant economic diversification in the past decade or so.

While the steel industry still plays an important role in the local economy, other sectors have seen much growth, such as alternative energy, science and technology, aviation services, and business-process outsourcing.

For instance, a number of small and medium-sized businesses have set up shop here in the past few years, including:

  • Heliene Canada - manufactures photovoltaic solar panels. This company, located on Allens Side Road, employs a full-time crew of 70.
  • JD Aero Technical - provides aircraft maintenance, repairs and overhaul services for airlines around the world, including Air Canada Jazz, Air New Zealand, Austrian Airlines and Porter Airlines.
  • Ellsin Environmental - operates a cutting-edge tire recycling facility on Yates Avenue that employs 20 people. Using a patented technology, the process breaks down tires to their original elements: steel, oil and carbon black.
  • Elementa Group - uses a patented technology to convert household garbage into clean energy. The company's pilot plant is located at the city landfill site.