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Advisory Committees

The Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation Advisory Committees, consisting a representatives from the public, private and non-profit sectors, provide strategic advice to the staff team.

Tourism Sault Ste. Marie Management Committee

Kevin Wyer, Chair
Marilyn Reed, Secretary / Treasurer
Donna Hilsinger, Past Chair
Nilay Patel
Dave Cartmill
Daz Kumar
Mike Braykovich
Carol Caputo
Robin Istace
Sunny Naqvi
Melissa Parr
Dean Anderson
Jim Love
Terry Wurdemann
Mike Delfrie

Resource Staff:
Ian McMillan

Meetings, Conventions and Sports Tourism Product Committee

Dave Cartmill, Chair
Dominique Ninnes and/or Cedar Dewar
Marilyn Reed
Melissa Parr
Nick Brash and/or Elise Nelson
Mona McKnight
Jodi Bishop
Don Marini
Marlene Hemy
Joe Dore
Sunny Naqvi and/or Sara Cavaliere

Resource Staff:
Alana Kenopic
Jennifer King-Callon

Festivals and Events Product Team

Kerrie DePoli, Chair
Edie Suriano, Vice Chair
Hiedi Werner
Grace Briglio
Carolyn O'Connor
Paula Cormier
Rick Borean
Jasmina Jovanovic
Alex Syrette
Kathy Fisher

Resource Staff:
Tara Lucarelli